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Chapter Two :: Uprising
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Site Rules
In accordance to Jcink’s TOS we only accept members aged 18 or older.

Rise of Souls uses account per character utilizing Jcink’s sub-account feature;

Register your first account with an Out Of Character alias – updates and messages will be sent to this account. You may then register your character account, and link it to your OOC or 'Parent' account like so:

  • Log out of your OOC Account and register a second account with your character’s first and last name (if they have one) with the proper capitalization (Example: John Doe).
  • Log back into your OOC Account, go to My Controls ➞ Edit Sub-Accounts, then fill in the username/password forms
  • Voila! You can now freely switch between accounts without logging in/out, using the “Switch Accounts” link within the User bar at the top of the forum.

Be courteous to staff and other members. Expect timely punishment dealt to those who discriminate or disrespect others. If conflicts were to arise, try to resolve them in a civil and private manner. It is not the staff's responsibilities to step into personal conflicts unless it gets out of hands.

Real-life face-claims are not permitted. Play-Bys/Face Claims may be from any source (Ex: Anime, Video Games, 3D Animation, Drawings, ect) provided they are fictional.
Avatars are 200x300 pixels.
Signatures cannot exceed 500x200 pixels.
Do not use images that stretch the board.

Do not bring thematically inappropriate concepts or technology into this role-play. Basically don't rip off other anime directly.
  • Consent is required to kill off characters.
  • Do not Meta-Game━ applying what you know to a situation your character logically shouldn’t know.
  • Do not God-Mod━ making your character difficult to harm or making them invincible.
  • Do not Power-Play━ Dictating what happens to another member’s character. This includes their reactions/feelings/ect.
Essentially, play fair and don’t be a douche-bag.

There is a post order. If you do not post a reply within 48 hours of the previous person, you will be skipped.

We do not tolerate plagiarism; do not steal characters, applications, images, plots or ideas and claim them as your own.
If you use any artwork, remember to link your credits/sources through your signature.

Rise of Souls is loosely M-rated which means that certain role-playing threads may contain mature content, containing violence, sexuality, and gore. Members of all ages except those 18 or under must be responsible for themselves. Mature threads can be identified with a [M] tag, so please browse these threads at your own discretion.

This site is not centered around the maturity! That being said, do not have all your threads contain rape or sex. Be creative, please.

The rules are subject to change at the site staff’s discretion at any time. Anything not explicitly stated by the rules is subject to the staff’s decision.
If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the rules, PM a staff member and we will be happy to assist.


im going down in flames
i'm falling into this again

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