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Chapter Two :: Uprising
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ANNOUNCEMENTS Hope everyone has a wonderful summer break! We have a few fun events planned with big rewards for participation so stick around!

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Table of Contents

The Site
How do I register to the site?
In accordance to Jcink’s Premium TOS we only accept members aged 18 or older.

Rise of Souls uses account per character utilizing Jcink’s sub-account feature;

Register your first account with an Out Of Character alias –updates and messages will be sent to this account. You may then register your character account, and link it to your OOC parent account like so:

  • Log out of your OOC Account and register a second account with your character’s first and last name (if they have one) with the proper capitalization (Example: John Doe).
  • Log back into your OOC Account, go to My Controls ➞ Edit Sub-Accounts, then fill in the username/password forms
  • Voila! You can now freely switch between accounts without logging in/out, using the “Switch Accounts” link within the User bar at the top of the forum.
Jcink isn’t loading for me!
From time to time, Jcink tends to go down – usually this can last for a couple of hours but it doesn’t do it very often. You should bookmark our Cbox so in this event, you can still contact us.
I'm having a problem with another member.
Contact someone: The staff are here to help you! We want you to enjoy your time here, so if something or someone is making you uncomfortable, please tell us!
Talk calmly to the Member: If you are comfortable handling the issue yourself, send the member a PM and try to discuss the problem. If this does not work, contact a staff member to help.
Stick Around: 75% of problems are minor and not worth leaving a site you enjoy over. Make sure that you, and we, have done everything possible to rectify the problem before giving up something you enjoy.
Can I be staff?
Thank you for your interest, but if we’re ever in need of more staff members, we will post an announcement with the conditions of how to join the staff application process. We will not automatically promote someone to admin and give you access to the Admin CP no matter how much you beg. If you are qualified for a position and prove to be trustworthy, then no problem.
Can we take mature role-playing to private messaging?
Sure – as long as the other person consents. Otherwise you could get reported and banned from the site.
Since we now have premium service on our site, adult content is allowed in threads. So have fun!
The Chat Box
Are you going to add an in-character chat box?
We have one! The link is in the OOC Chat Box.
you may rp with a character waiting to be approved, but you may not fight with the character or use their power as those need to be approved by the staff so we can maintain fairness.
Help! I’ve lost the password to my username on the chat box!
If you send Raven a PM to say you can’t access your username in the chat box, she can delete the username so you can re-apply.
The Role-play
What's the difference between a tagged and open thread?
An open thread is free for anyone to join whereas a tagged thread is set up for a specific member/character - if there's a tagged thread you wish to join in to, it's best to PM the thread creator beforehand rather than jumping straight in.
What are the maturity ratings for threads?
Well, the basic rating tag is 'NSFW' which means Not Safe For Work. This indicates that if you're reading from work or around other people, you might not want to look at that thread right then and there. Threads such as this may include sex, gore or a whole lot of cussing.
There is also M rated which is mild maturity compared to NSFW. Other than those, members can tag any general rating.
Do I have to have a partner to role-play here?
Nope! If you would like to role-play solo and without a partner, you are allowed to. However, if you do want to partner up with someone and maximize your potential, it has to make sense. Partner with someone you're familiar with ICly and who your character would work well with.
The Characters
What determines what Tier I get?
Basically, the quality of your application determines your tier. You are able to pick whatever rank you want but if the application is not detailed enough to support it, we will ask you to make changes or give you a lower rank & tier. If you have any further questions, pm a staff member.
I've just had my first character accepted by staff, what should I do now?
  • Create a Plot Page: Most of our plot pages are organized by Member/Character. Creating a plot page can help people know what you are looking for. You can post your own plot page.
  • Answer Others Plot Pages: Don't wait for people to reply to your plot page but go and reply to some others. Some of them will already have plot suggestions listed that could work for your character.
Can my character be _____ gender/sexuality?
Yes, you can make any gender or sexuality.

This is a bit of a touchy subject. I will say yes, they can as long as they're of a decent age. Please don't have DWMA students all getting knocked up. I understand things happen so I'll be lenient on this.
Reminder to those who wish to hook up with a race different from yours (ie, Meister and Witch or Kishin) there will be consequences ICly.
Can my character join a Mature Rated Thread?
If you are under the age of 18, no.


im going down in flames
i'm falling into this again

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